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Mizoram Public Service Commission

Updated on: May 14, 2013
Mizoram was given the status of a Full State in 1986, and in accordance with the Constitution of India arrangements were made to set up Mizoram Public Service Commission (MPSC). The commission started functioning on May 1, 1991. The commission assists Mizoram State Government for the matters related to the recruitment, promotion, and punishment of only Gazetted Officer posts and above. The commissions sets its’ own guidelines for the promotions and recruitment of people under the Mizoram Government and supervises over the Mizoram Government Employees. However the Mizoram Public Service Commission (MPSC) is free to take in use existing government rules and regulations after making a clear Adaption Order. 


The Mizoram Public Service Commission (MPSC) is governed under Article 320 of the Constitution of India. The duty of the Commission is to administer Examinations of candidates for appointment to the services in the State and to give advice to the Government on all issues relating to methods of recruitment to Civil Services, the principles to be followed in making such appointments and in effecting promotions and transfers from one service to another. The government of state consults Mizoram Public Service Commission (MPSC) prior to taking necessary final decisions in disciplinary matters related with the persons serving the State Government in a civil capacity. The Commission also provide advice to state government regarding any claim filed by a government servant for payment of legal expanses incurred by him / her in defending oneself in any legal process instituted against him / her for acts done in execution of duties as also on the award of compensation for injuries sustained by a Government Servant in civil capacity. According to the sub clause 'C' of Clause 3 of Article 320 of the Constitution of India, the Commission is to be consulted on issues related to obligation of penalties on Government Servants.


Mizoram Public Service Commission
New Capital Complex
Khatla, Aizawl
Contact No: 2335824
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