Mizoram as an Educational Destination

Updated on: Aug 30, 2013

Mizoram is among those states where education was first initiated and popularized by the British. Missionaries were responsible for the growth and institutionalized of education in  the state. The first educational institution in Mizoram was initiated by the missionaries in the Aizawl region in 1897. Later, three more Government primary schools were opened in Aizawl in 1898.

Mizoram is one of the “Seven Sister States” of North-Eastern India. Today, the state of Mizoram is ranked at the first position in India with a literacy rate of 91.1 percent.

On 21st January 1972, Mizoram attained the status of a Union Territory. Thereafter, a council of ministers, Education Directorate under the Education Minister was formed to look after the education system in the state. The Directorate of Education was established in 1973 with a Director of Education, Joint Director of Education and three Deputy Directors of Education to establish full autonomy in the education department.

Mizoram follows a uniform system of education i.e. the 10+2 system. The state has one central university, one government engineering college and several professional colleges providing education in the field of pharmacy and nursing etc.

Understanding the necessity and further possibility of Information Technology, Mizoram Government advocates widespread proliferation of IT Education in the state and adopts special policies for promotion of IT in various fields. The Government of Mizoram endeavors to examine the possibility of creating the department of IT as a new path finder to the new generation of Mizoram. To culminate this objective, the government shall attempt to set up Study Team on IT education under the chairmanship of the Director of Education.

Mizoram is a storehouse of natural beauty and the education system provides friendly education environment to the people of Mizoram enabling them to celebrate the beauty of nature in the Post-modern mechanical world.

Educational Institutions: (2001 census)

No. of Primary Schools1,280
Enrolment in Primary Schools1,02,401
No. of Middle Schools770
Enrolment in Middle Schools48,441
No. of High Schools377
Enrolment in High Schools37,779

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